Best Weight Loss Regimen for Teens




Most teens have weight management problems due to the sedentary lifestyles they lead. Today, the internet has made it possible for kids to talk and play with their friends from the comfort of home. Similarly, the growing popularity of the gaming industry has led to an increase in the number of obese teens.

Therefore, as you prowl the internet for excellent weight loss programs for teens, know that you will be pitted against board games, comic books, social media, cartoons and video games. Anyway, you can still win using the following strategies:

Military – Inspired Weight Loss Camps

At times, you might need special interventions to deal with your teen’s weight problem. Before you consider personal trainers and fad diets, ask your child whether they might be interested in training like soldiers do.

Essentially, military-inspired weight loss camps work well for teenage boys. Most of these teens might not be interested in the mainstream weight loss management boot camps. They might even view them as recluses for girls. To this end, getting them into programs with drill sergeants and the whole military theme might just get them to be interested in staying physically fit and shedding off those extra pounds.

Weight Training

Weight training works well since it burns calories at an astonishing rate. Additionally, it leads to the development of muscles which then burn even more calories. However, remember that most teenage boys would not be interested in going to the gym just because it will make them slim.

Therefore, consider motivating them to weight training by telling them about the power, endurance and strength that this entails. Most weight loss programs designed for boys will focus on strength-building and muscle workouts.

Team Sports

Most teens and men enjoy the sense of camaraderie associated with team sports. The activities strengthen the bond of respect and loyalty among the members. Joining a sports team will also motivate your teenage boy to stay in great physical shape – thereby encouraging fast weight loss.

Agreeably, some teens will not show any interest in weight management. However, you can rest assured that most of them will be highly interested in team sports – mostly due to the presence of other groups of boys. Their teammates will also encourage them to give their best, work hard and stay in shape.


Most teens love adventure. Therefore, if you live close to a forest or mountain, consider hiking as your weight loss program of choice. Hiking will also present you with new opportunities to teach the boy a couple of survival skills in the wild.

The outdoor activities will be thorough without necessarily focusing too much on weight loss. As a result, they will lead for faster shedding of those unsightly pounds. Therefore, the next time you have some free time, get your teenager to explore forests and go up mountain trails.


most teenage boys will not find any interest in dieting. Even if they understand the health benefits, they will still want to conform to the ordinary and the norm among their peers. Therefore, consider any or all of the above programs to help your son deal with their weight management predicament.

10 Natural Foods to Lower Blood Pressure



Did you know that it is possible to naturally lower blood pressure? By shaking most of the sodium out of your diet, you should be safe from blood pressure. However, there are also a number of foods that will help you do this.
Add the following foods to your daily diet to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke from blood pressure:

White Beans

White beans provide your body with calcium, magnesium, and potassium needed to lower blood pressure. This comfort food is easy to use in entrées, soups and side dishes. It is also an excellent source of protein.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin will give you potassium and magnesium. This lean cut of pork is also packed with meaty flavor and satisfaction. It should, however, be cooked or grilled for best results.

Fat Free Plain Yogurt

Fat – free plain yogurt is packed with potassium, magnesium and calcium to prevent high blood pressure. Creamy and cool, yogurt is a great ingredient in most mineral – rich breakfasts, salad dressings, entrees, and sauces.


Tilapia also has potassium and magnesium – both of which lead to lower blood pressure. The mild white fish can be found year – round in most fish stores and supermarkets; either as frozen fillets or fresh. You can sauté it, bake it, roast it, flavor it with various seasonings and even top it with the kiwi – avocado salsa.


A single kiwifruit is packed with 9 percent of the potassium, 7 percent of the magnesium, and 2 percent of the calcium you need on a daily basis to keep high blood pressure at bay. It is also available in most supermarkets all year round.

Nectarines and Peaches

Nectarines and peaches also have the potassium, magnesium and calcium needed to lower blood pressure. In particular, unsweetened and frozen peach slices are great alternatives to fresh nectarines and peaches. All you have to do is defrost them ahead of time and toss them in your blender for healthy smoothies.


We here at detoxtrading superfoods uk consider the Bananas as A super food. Instead of tossing them when the skin browns, add them to your smoothies. Bananas also lower the stress hormones that lead to high blood pressure.


A cup of raw or cooked kale will provide your body with 9 percent of the calcium, 9 percent of the potassium and 6 percent of the magnesium your body needs to ward off high blood pressure.

Kale is also low in calories – which is why it is considered to be a super food. It also contains large doses of cell – protecting antioxidants and alpha – linolenic to cool inflammation.

Red Bell Pepper

Red bell peppers also help lower blood pressure. They should, however, be stored wrapped in slightly damp paper towels to ensure that they do not dry out.

Other Foods

Finally, other foods that are great at fighting high blood pressure include broccoli, sweet potatoes, cooked quinoa, and avocado. By adding any of the above foods to your daily diet, you will be able to ensure that you are getting adequate amounts of potassium, calcium and magnesium to protect your body against incidents of high blood pressure and all associated ailments and health conditions.

Choose Your Protein Wisely



There are a lot of options to choose from when you need more protein in your diet. Instead of getting salami and deep fried chicken, consider the following leaner and healthier choices of protein.

What to Eat

Essentially, proteins are comprised of 20 amino acids. 8 are classified as essential to the human body and should be sourced from actual food. The remaining 12 are classified as non-essential since the body produces them naturally.

Additionally, it is important to note that meat and eggs offer the highest quality amino acids available, eggs in particular considered the best source of protein known to man. In comparison to other protein foods they are often considered to be the most valuable sources of good protein and are, especially, beneficial to those who exercise heavily.

About Whey Protein

Similar to complex and simple carbohydrates, the body absorbs proteins at different rates. To this end, the body digests whey protein quickly. This makes it one of the best options both for after and before exercise.

The main protein found in milk is casein. Since it releases amino acids slowly, it is particularly useful to the body when ingested at bedtime, in the morning and between meals. Similarly, protein powders and shakes are helpful after and before physical exercise, although you can still get adequate protein from natural sources.

The following food list could help you choose the best protein source for you:


Legumes are high in protein content. They include split peas, black-eyed peas, lentils, and reduced-sodium canned beans or dried beans. You can also include bean products such as baked beans, fat-free refried beans, hummus, black bean burgers, and bean spreads into your diet.

Meat Substitutes

Soy products such as tempeh, tofu, soy nuts, edamame and soy milk are also great sources of protein. Supplement these with meat substitutes like meatless beef crumbles and chicken nuggets and veggie burgers for that rare deliciousness.

Eggs and Their Products

Protein can also be got from whole eggs, egg whites and egg substitutes. These are healthy food choices at all hours. If you wish to cut down on fat and cholesterol, consider just eating the egg whites. You will still get the ideal amount of protein, but with fewer calories.


Fish (especially fatty fish) is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also generally lower in cholesterol and fat than most poultry and meat. If possible, add some shellfish into your diet once in a while. Oysters, crab and shrimps are particularly healthy choices.

Beef and Poultry

White breast poultry (including turkey and chicken) is lower in fat than the leg and thigh pieces. Similarly, ensure you get the lean cuts of beef, such as cubed steak, porterhouse, t-bone, rump roast, chuck, rib, tenderloin, flank steak, sirloin and round. In terms of pork, it is more advisable to eat lean cuts too – boneless loin chops, boneless loin roast, tenderloin, bacon and boneless ham.


Non-fat and low fat milk and yogurt are your best bets for healthy protein. Since dairy products are also healthy sources of carbohydrates, ensure you count the calorie count in your daily meal plan.

Nuts and Seeds

In conclusion, nuts, seeds and nut and seed butters also have protein and copious amounts of fat. Still, they are better choices then fatty and processed meats because they only have healthy fats.

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Balancing Your Diet with the Food Pyramid



The food pyramid main focus is on eating the right amount of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, and protein) to maintain good health.

Using this pyramid as your dietary guide will ensure you eat a balanced diet.

healthy eating should include:

  1. Wholegrain varieties of cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice and bread; these contain carbohydrates, which will give you energy
  2. Lots of green vegetables and fruit; fruits are a great source of fiber (which will help your digestion) and vitamin C to keep your skin healthier and heal cuts and wounds. On the other hand, vegetables have vitamin A and fiber (with darker colored veggies having more nutrients)
  3. Some yoghurt, cheese and milk; the key ingredient here is calcium for building stronger bones and teeth.
  4. Some nuts, beans, eggs, poultry and meat; this group will provide protein and iron for stronger muscles
  5. Tiny amounts of oils and fats
  6. Little to no drinks and foods high in salt, sugar and fat

Supplementing the Food Pyramid

Eating a balanced and varied diet according to the food pyramid means that you do not necessarily have to take food supplements. However, there is an exception to this rule. Folic acid supplements should be taken occasionally – especially by women of child bearing age looking to conceive. Expectant mothers should keep taking this supplement during the first 6 fortnights of pregnancy.

Using the food pyramid, you should be able to ensure you eat generous amounts of the 5 major groups daily. So long as you plan your diet according to the food pyramid, you can rest assured that you are eating healthy.

New Food Pyramid Format

Using the latest food pyramid format, you should be able to get daily totals of the quantities for each of the groups in the pyramid. Using this knowledge, you can them divide these amounts in the number of servings you typically have on a daily basis. However, you should keep in mind that the more servings you choose to have, the smaller each on should be.

You should also translate the nutritional recommendations of the food pyramid on your plate. If possible, consider mentally breaking down the portions on your plate into quarters of every meal you eat. Half of the plate should comprise of vegetables, a quarter dedicated to protein and the last quarter to whole grains. You can then eat fruits of your choice as dessert or as a side dish. This way, you will be able to track your diet for a healthier you.

In conclusion, remember that the hallmarks of good nutrition are moderation, variety and balance. By inculcating the food pyramid into your daily diet, you will start eating healthier.

How Safe Are Organic Foods?



There are divergent views on the safety of organic foods. As a result, consumers are often confused about what to believe. However, a new study has provided solid evidence showing why it is better to choose organic foods over those that have been grown conventionally.


Led by New Castle University scientists, the study shows that organic foods actually have lower concentrations of harmful cadmium, lower rates of pesticide residues and high levels of antioxidants, especially in comparison to conventionally grown foods. The research is based on hundreds of major studies that analyzed food for nutrition and safety.


Defining Organic Foods


How organic a product is depends on the type of food. However, organic production and farming involve techniques that are safe for human consumption and for the environment. They rely on non-synthetic pesticides, leading to cleaner food will fewer chemical residues. Therefore, there are long term benefits of spending that extra coin to buy organic grains, vegetables and fruits.


Accessibility of Organic Food


Although organic foods are the healthier choice, they are not as accessible as conventional food. Those who can afford to buy the food should go ahead. However, it trickles down to one’s individual choices and knowing when and whether they ought to prioritize these products.


In particular, research to find out those foods that have the highest pesticide residue. Then, buy organic options instead. Other foods, such as bananas for instance, need not be organic. Their large peels barricade the fruit from pesticides. However, the same cannot be said of apples and strawberries.


The demand for organic food has been growing of late. Therefore, it is high likely that this will spark more investments and research into the organic industry. In the long run, however, remember that organic foods are safer, healthier and (in some cases even) more nutritious than those grown by conventional means.


Conventional Versus Organic


Today, it is a universally accepted fact that the processes living things perform are inherently different from the ones that are created via chemical lab processes. Therefore, the main difference between nonorganic and organic food revolves around the processes through which food is produced.


Organic food is produced through natural processes whereas conventional nonorganic food comes from the integration of some unnatural growth processes. This simply means that organic foods are planted and grown without the use of chemical pesticides. On the other hand, nonorganic foods rely heavily on fast growth and germination as sparked by pesticides and other harmful chemicals.


Organic vegetable and fruits also contain fewer agrochemical residues in comparison to conventionally grown plants. The levels of contamination found in conventionally grown foods are, to this end, higher.

Polyphenolic compounds, nitrates, toxins, and pesticides residues exert various health risks. Inasmuch as this depend on the dose one takes, it is still safer to take organically grown produce once in a while. If possible, consider planting a couple of these foods in your own garden at home or in your backyard. This will, in the long run, help you sidestep the often-exorbitant prices that are charged by groceries and markets selling organic foods.

In conclusion, remember that the type of food you eat goes a long way in determining exactly how healthy you are. Therefore, you should try to veer off conventionally-grown food and, instead, replace them with organic produce.